Synergy, LLC.

History: Synergy, LLC was formed in 1999 for the purpose of providing a large-scale production partner to the emerging nutraceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries for those companies interested in deriving products from the bovine species.

Industry Trends: Production of dairy products in the U.S. has continued its trend of consolidation – in both the production and processing sectors. Many farms are in transition across the Northeast in order to capture the economies of scale necessary to compete with progressive, well-financed operations in the western United States.

Synergy Today: Recognizing the need to consolidate, the partners evolved the Synergy concept in order to further leverage the resources of the Northeast agricultural community. The idea was that by bringing together the strengths and complementary nature of large-scale dairy and field crop businesses, Synergy could capture efficiencies in management, human resources, and the utilization of capital assets. Currently, Synergy is comprised of a 1,900 cow dairy farm located on 750 acres in Covington, NY. Synergy also has a satellite location with 350 cows in a facility located near Arcade, NY.

Bottom Line: While Synergy remains focused on the development of 'value-added' projects, the ability to control a large volume of high-quality milk while maintaining a strategic alliance with like-minded, complementary businesses brings a significant competitive advantage to the table.

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