Synergy, LLC.

Synergy believes that profitable agricultural production is achieved by being good stewards of the land and by establishing great relationships with neighbors and the community. We are committed to:

  • Superior air, soil, and water quality

  • Gentle treatment of dairy animals

  • Community fellowship

Recent examples:

Improved air quality:
The recent construction of an anaerobic co-digester next to Synergy's Covington site allows the operation to convert biogas from cow manure and food processing wastes into electricity for commercial use. The process reduces greenhouse emissions from methane, the impact of which is 21 times greater than CO2 emissions.

Improved soil quality:
Reduced consumption of commercial fertilizers is vital to the sustainability of our precious land resources. By joining together with neighboring crop farmers, Synergy will be able to increase the use of organic dairy manure as nourishment for the soil.

Enhanced cow comfort:
In order for cows to produce safe, high-quality milk, they must be housed in a clean and comfortable environment. The use of advanced free-stall technology allows milking cows to roam freely about the barn, allowing them to eat, drink, and sleep at their leisure.

Strong ties with the community:
In building the “Fieldhouse”, we have provided the community with a place for recreation and social events, which has further strengthened the community’s bond with Synergy partners.

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